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Packing Quantity : 500 ml per bottle 

  • This Ghee is Completely processed out of the milk of Indigenous Desi Cows only. Our Farms are currently located in Jalgaon and Kutch where we have Indian Gir cows which graze openly in near by forest. Grazing in open gives them more strength and at the same time they eat natural herbs which in turn add to the milk quality.
  • This Ghee is prepared by our traditional Vedic method and is 100% Chemical Free. One Liter Ghee is produced by using 30 milk.


  • Free Shipping Charges
  • Free Packing.


  • Best Before Within 6 Months from the date of packing when stored in a cool and dry place. After 6 months this ghee can be used as ointment for body pains relief.

Vedic or Traditional Process of Producing  Ghee in Detail

  • First the baby claves feed on their mother cows milk & then the cows happily allow the farmers to milk them from the remaining udder. The milking process is done manually which is the safest way of milking as attaching machines hurt the cows, causing injury and later on infection to their udders.
  • Once the milking is done, one drop of butter milk is added to the whole lot of milk and then allowed to convert into curd.
  • Then curd is churned to get the Butter & Little amount of butter milk is also released as the by product.
  • So 30 liters milk converts into curd. and that gives around 26 – 27 kg of butter which is heated on a low temperature.
  • Butter is heated up to a temperature of 450 degree C to give Pure Desi Ghee.
  • Later hot ghee cool in the room temperature & is packed in glass bottles & dispatched on order basis.

How to Use 

  • Add ghee on the hot food preparation like dal, soups, roti, rice, kichadi etc.
  • Ghee can also be eated by pasting on roti, different types breads or khakara.
  • Can add to make various sweets preparations.
  • Ideally ghee should not be heated separately, its always better when added from top of anything which is served hot.

Method of Cows Breeding 

  • There are Nandi Bulls who mate with Cows naturally. There are no artificial insemination allowed in the cowshed audited by us.

Important FAQ

Q ) What is the Order Cycle ?

A ) Delivery Within Mumbai ( When in Stock ) – 2-3 Days. If Not in Stock then at times there is waiting time of  7 – 30 days. So kindly book in advance.

Q ) Why is the taste & color of this ghee different in different season and not the same when ordered again ? 

A ) Since the Ghee is produced naturally, there is no chemical formula involved so same color and taste is not guaranteed. Ghee is produced naturally, color and taste will depend upon the fodder they eat. So for example during rainy season since lot of green grass is eaten by the cows, so the color of the ghee will be more golden or yellow and later as the time passes the color is less yellowish.

Q ) Are Gir Cows are only Desi Cows ?  Whats is a Desi Cow ? & is the Milk Quality Different of different Desi Cows? 

A ) No Gir is not the only Desi Cow in India.  There other like Red Sindhi,  Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Deoni, Ongole, Rathi   plus there are other many breeds  in terms of Desi or Indigenous Cows in India. Sahiwal, Gir, Rathi, Tharparkar, and Red Sindhi are the best milking cow breeds in India. 

 Desi means Cows of Indian Origin or  Indigenous Cows :  Following are the Key Features of all Desi cows 

  1. Desi Cows are the ones with a Hump on the back which allows to capture vitamin D from the Sun.
  2. 2 horns on the head.
  3. Tales are long and hairy.
  4. They have skin portion hanging below their neck like a fan.

Milk Quality of all the Desi Cows is good. They have a strong protein compound that helps in better digestions, also their milk is rich in calcium and other vitamins and low in fats. Some cows like Gir, Rathi, Sahiwal etc are preferred more due to their high milking capacity & adaptation of regional climate


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Weight 500 kg

20 reviews for Desi Cows Granular Ghee

  1. Savio Pereira

    Gopal Krishna desi cow ghee is the best form of ghee i have consumed. Unlike most products of this kind its smells good and tastes authentic. The granulated form is an evidence of its authenticity. I have been consuming this product for a month and can certainly vouch for its chemical free properties. This is a great immunity booster and keeps one strong and healthy. Although I am not a fan of ghee this product has changed my view about ghee. I recommend this product to everyone especially to households where consumption is frequent and to power food houses who believe in uncompromised, unmatched quality of their products. Thank you Desi Bandhu for marketing this product.

    • desibandhu01

      Hi Savio, Its amazing to get such a awesome review. Thank you

  2. Vidhi

    Hi guyz, I must tell you’ll guys it is an amazingly quality ghee. It generally difficult to find such pure ghee …my mom could immediately find the difference in it and it is very good for children….loved the natural taste and I must recommend this. Do try it out for sure…thnk you Desibandhu

    • desibandhu01

      Hi Vidhi, thankyou for your feedback.

  3. Vinay Matoliya

    I am using Gopalkrishna ghee for my family and myself and I must tell you’ll guys it is an amazingly superb ghee which is pure and orginal from Desi cows a product which nowadays is generally difficult to find …my wife could immediately find the difference in it and it is very good for the infants as well as it is great immunity booster too…loved the natural taste and I must recommend this all the people to try it out for sure…thnk you Desibandhu for introducing me this product…wishing u guys all the very best👍👍👍

    • desibandhu01

      Hi Vinay Thanks alot for your valueable time & feedback.

  4. Ritesh Thakkar

    We are using this product and it’s superb! Amazing quality and tase.

  5. Sakshi Lakhiani

    This ghee is the most authentic ghee in the market, my grandmother who doesn’t trust any ghee trusts this with all her heart as she could spot the difference between the regular ghee and this ghee immediately. Really happy to find such a genuine product on the market.

    • desibandhu01

      thank you

  6. Nidhi Lakhiani

    Gopal Krishna desi ghee is the most pure form of ghee my family has ordered, confirmed by my grandmother.
    Thankyou Deshbandhu for such an amazing product and service.

  7. Saurabh

    I recommend everyone to buy this ghee. This ghee is made in such a way that it provides various health benefits and is also very delicious. Overall a Great and must buy product..

  8. Lavin ramnani

    Really liked the quality of the ghee. Fits really good with any food u are having. No compromises on the quantity also.. looking foward to buy more of these . 👍👍

  9. Yash shah

    One of the best quality ghee I ever had
    Amazing quality amazing product and amazing taste

    • desibandhu01

      Thank you

  10. Shruti

    Amazing quality and the taste is really awesome. One should definitely try it!

    • desibandhu01

      Thank you Shruti for such motivating words.

  11. Nidhi Lakhiani

    This desi ghee is the most pure form of ghee my family has ordered, confirmed by my grandmother.
    Thankyou Desibandhu for such an amazing product and service.

    • desibandhu01

      thankyou for such amazing reviews

  12. Pranav

    A grade quality… pure and tasty

    • desibandhu01

      thank you Pranav

  13. Yash

    The quality of this ghee puts the other ghee selling brands to shame…. I recommend everyone who cares about their health to buy this ghee

  14. Khushi

    This brand makes sure that the ghee is super tasty while being super rich in nutrition aswell.. This product is a must buy👏

  15. Faisal

    Amazing quality, amazing taste, amazing service!!!!!

  16. Kabir

    Amazing quality!! Really impressed.

  17. Varun

    The purest ghee in the market. I was searching for a nutritious and pure ghee which i didnt find while i was searching in the markets until i found this ghee. I recommend this ghee to everyone who is concious about their health

  18. Gaurav Taparia

    Really good quality. And has great taste.

    • desibandhu01

      Hi Thank you for feedback,

  19. Ritesh Thakkar

    Kudos Team-desibandu.

    Yesterday, I received video on my whatsapp. It was a recording of lucky draw that took place at desibandhu office. Wherein a young gentlemen named Jashn (thank you 😊) picked one chit out of so many and we got lucky.

    We received a special gift hamper that came our home this morning.

    What’s more special is this hamper was not couriered but hand delivered by Mr.Saurabh Jalan (Jackie) himself.

    Man behind “Chokha, Shudh Ghee” 🍯 and many other products.

    And for those who haven’t experienced desibandhu holidays – It specilizes in creating some of the most memorable and mesmerizing experiences at competitive rates. I remeber our Goa trip through desibandhu and can go on and on about it…

    So if you haven’t explored it yet and if you are planning any holidays, do get in touch with this young and enthusiastic team Right Now!

    By the way our gift hamper was filled with beautiful fragmented candles🕯️, tempting Rucchi’s Masala 🥘 & traditional desibandhu keychain 🗝️(which my son loves) 😊

    Thanks again…

    All the Best👍

    Delighted Customer – Ritesh Thakkar

  20. Rakhee

    It’s too delicious and a pure ghee taste.

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