About Us

Who We Are

Many years back I took a journey to lead a fantastic life by back packing in remote villages of India. It made me rediscover myself and transformed me to a community developer & today I only work towards adding value to the society in the purest ways possible. 

Our vision is to lead to people to most simple & healthy ways of life. 

Our Mission to connect to 1 million people, educate them benefits of organic products & simple life though our product and services. 

Our USP is that all our products and services are first tried and tested by us and then recommended to any client.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Common Feature of the Team is that all of us are very very motivated to deliver our commitment. 

Kallos (purposeful nature)

Kallo continues working despite being one of our oldest members.

Munni ( Dedicated)

While she regrets not having any education, working for us has opened her eyes on how the outside world lives.

Rameshwari (Determine)

Highest earnings in the group, she is , Expert in patchwork & embroidery

Zubeer ( Sincere)

Is been the multitasker in all office, clerical and admin work

Ankita ( Go Getter)

Have been the back bone of the PR, Marketing and Sales

Aarif (Honest )

Helper Cum Driver, One People you can count for deliverys

Bulk Enquiry

Email us : [email protected]
Phone No : 7506006919
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Our Product are Tried, Tested and Tasted. All the Sites of Production are under regular Audit. We are not interested to sell in bulk and scale up as quality can only be for limited quantity.


Prices are very very competitive and reasonable as per the service. Please compare yourself. Prices are worth the money & are about to increase as the time passes. So look to book Annual Subscriptions & Life Time Memberships. Feel free to call on 7506006919

Secure Payments

Do not have to worry about payment.