1 Day & 2 Day Farm Camping

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 Our Farm Site which is at the hill top of Shahpur Village called Junavni – 100 km from Mumbai. 

BENEFITS of the Program : 

  1. Learn the amazing concepts of nature.
  2. Practical Tree Plantation Session.
  3. Trekking and Village Interaction Session.
  4. Star Gazing Session.
  5. Learn the Importance of Energy and Respect about the resource.
  6. Enjoy the Barbeque & Camp Fun and Team Activity.
  7. Experience the Stay in Tents
  8. Challenge to Spend a Day out of your comfort zone.

The Vision : The purpose of the program is to impart the knowledge about the Nature Preservation in the most Simplest ways possible and available with us. We intent to make in practical & wish it to be a community project with more and more peoples involvement.

Location : https://goo.gl/maps/gQSBWA9b28F2MQiv6 ( kindly select the link address and select go to option.)

Address of the Farm : Village Junavni, Gram : Sakadbhaav, Taluka : Shahpur, Distrcit : Thane, Pincode : 421601

If you are driving then kindly drive slow in the ghat area and be aware that there is a state bus which passes from time to time so need to alert for a pass.

Public Transport Information for our Farm : 

Nearest railway station is Asangaon. One have to come to Asangaon by Train  and take a share rickshaw to Shahpur cost : Rs 20 per seat.
There are direct State Government  Buses from Shahpur Bus Station to Junavni or Poklewadi . Timing of buses from Shahpur :  7.00 am, 9.30 am, 1.15 pm, 4.15 pm, 7.30 pm. These Buses Stop at our farm.
Bus ticket cost : Rs 50


Day 1 : 

  1. 12.00 pm – 12.30  : Arrival & Registration & Payment Formalities.
  2. 12.30 – 1.30 Lunch
  3. 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm Plantation Program (Seminar : Basic of Organic Farming / Permaculture/ Natural Farming )
  4. 4.00 -4.30: Tea Biscuit –
  5. 5.00 – 6.00 – Tree Plantation Program
  6.  6.00 pm  : Barbeque & Tent Pitching
  7. 7.00 pm : One Day Visitors Return Transfer to Mumbai  & 2 Days Campers Enjoy the Night with Barbeque and Camp Fun Activities.
  8. 8.00 pm : Dinner for 2 Days Campers

 DAY 2 :  –  Additional Cost : Rs 1000 

  1. 6.30 am : Rise with the Sun Presenting Ample Vitamin D & Cocks Giving Morning Alarm
  2. 7.00 am : Trek and Walk around the Village and Forest.
  3. 8.00 am : Tea & Breakfast
  4. 9.00 am : Team Activity
  5. 11.00 am : Rest
  6. 12.30 pm : Lunch & Check out for Mumbai with Beautiful Farm Memories.

Meals : 

Breakfast : Poha / Upma, Fruits, Black Tea, Honey.

Lunch :  Salad, Pure Desi Ghee, Rice, Dal, Chapati ( if Possible )  Vegetable, Butter Milk or Curd, Papad

Evening :   Black Tea and Biscuits

Dinner :   Salad, Vegetable Pulav or Dal Khichdi or Vegetable Khichdi, Sweet.

Amenities :  Common Toilets with Western and Indian Washroom, Bathroom, Drinking Water ,

Policy & Information : 

  1. All Payment to be done in Advance
  2. Kindly book and send a whatsapp message to +91 7506006919
  3. If cancelled before 48 hrs  of arrival, amount of Booking to be adjusted towards future booking or product purchase. ( No refund of Money )
  4. If cancelled with within 24 hours of arrival then 100 % amount may be taken a cancellation fee.
  5. Child below 5 years are complimentary.
  6. Hot Water for bathing is Available on request. Hot water currently will be boiled in our stove. ( Rs 50 per Bucket, you are expect to get the bucket to the kitchen and then lift it back to the bathroom after taking hot water )
  7. Its a program to impart self discipline so participants wash their own plates and are expected to help in the regular activities.
  8.  Campers May Sleep in tents with Mattress or on the cot in our Bamboo Shed.
  9. All meals are 100 % Vegetarian and No Meat Eating is permitted in our farm. There will be common meals served for all the participants and no separate items will be cooked. In case there is any special request then one has to inf0rm in advance.  All meals served will be without onion and garlic.
  10. No Alcohol or Smoking is permitted.
  11.  Bus can be arranged on Minimum Confirmation of 15 People on Extra Cost.
  12. Our Farm Runs on Basic Solar Energy which is all that we need to stay on a farm. So do not expect high luxury of your homes. This camping experience is about learning to Live out of your comfortable Zone.
  13. We have Nice Indian as well as Western Toilets with water supply. Use water carefully.
  14. We have first aid kits and Emergency Medical help can be arranged on need basis.
  15. Doctors & Vets are mostly available in the nearby clinic during the day time.

Thing to Get :

  1. Torch
  2. Water Bottles
  3. Sleeping Mats ( If Possible )
  4. Sleeping Bags ( If possible )
  5. Good Camera
  6. Telescope ( If Available )
  7. Binoculars (If Available )
  8. 1 Set for Clothes
  9. Towels
  10. Bag Packs
  11. Sanitizers
  12. Toiletries ( Soaps, tooth brush, tooth paste )
  13. Tissue Papers
  14. One Spare Tote Bag.
  15. Bedsheets

Recommended Restaurants While driving from Mumbai which will come in Mid Way :

  1. Shiv Sagar Pure Veg Near Padga
  2. Bhagat Tarachand Pure Veg Near Padga

Contact By Whatsapp Message : +91 7506006919

Email : [email protected]

Our Social Media Links :  Select the Link Below and Click on Go to Option. 

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/desibandhufarms

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/desibandhufarmproduce/

You Tube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAbvSdRD37Iq_UZZscfxWjw


4 reviews for 1 Day & 2 Day Farm Camping

  1. Rebecca

    I was recommended to go on this tour by my friend jashan. This was seriously one of the best tours i have ever gone to. Every part of the tour was well planned and well structured. I would love to go on another trip with desibandhu👍

  2. Bhavin Doshi

    Working in a corporate world in chaotic city of Mumbai and surrounded by gadgets and technology, I always wondered how liberating it would be to work admist nature in open fields. Desperately wanting to break away from my routine, i approached Desi Bandhu. Saurabh promised to wisk me away for day and guaranteed a life changing experience. “Life changing” it certainly was. I spent one of the most merorable day in the field planting trees. Working in the fields , getting dirty digging soil, planting sapplings and watering gave me an immense sense of achievment and satisfaction. Goes without saying, the home cooked organic meal from farm was a delight. Can’t wait to put my dirty pants onn and have another field day with Desi Bandhu…Cheers

    • desibandhu01

      Bhavin, I am Blessed to have a friend and a companion like you. Thanks a lot. Cheers

  3. Ronak K. Gosia

    It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience to learn organic farming with the Saurabh and his group, through this we can help to nature and earth to stay health as well as for human being, it is very nature way to stay fit through eat organic in our current life style…. and I am recommend to all viewers to go with this tour and learn organic farming….Thankvery much…

    • desibandhu01

      Hi Ronak, It means a lot. I high appreciate your company. You had come with your infant daughter and the way you and your wife were so enthusiastic about the whole idea was amazing.

  4. Khyati R. Gosia

    Yes, It was a very amazing experience like organic farming with the saurabh & family & friends, I like to eat organic food as we know that our life style now days is not very good, our eating habits are most of junk, so it is very good to learn organic farming, so i am highly recommended to all viewers to visit at least one tour. Thank you…

    • desibandhu01

      Hi Khyati, Thanks a lot for your kind review.

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